Application Homework

Your Homework Before We Meet:

Critical Next Steps Before Your Call

Step #1: What You Need to Know Before We Speak

this can be a video, or text like this, example:

Thanks for booking this call with our team!

Before your call, a member of our team will check out your application answers, and if we don't feel we can help you, we'll let you know.

We want this call to be a good use of your time, and of the time of the team member talking with you.

On your call, we'll evaluate your current situation, dig into what's been going on, take a look at what you want to achieve, and map out a game plan for achieving your dreams.

If we feel we can help you, we'll give you an opportunity to work with us,

If we feel we cannot help you, we'll let you know, and possibly recommend another course of action for you.

Step #2: Prepare for the Call

Give additional homework before the call

(NOTE: the more someone invests time and energy into your material in the immediate day or 2 before your call, the more likely they show up to the call already KNOWING they want to work with you.

Let your materials here and on your site convince someone they should work with you,

Therefore you don't have to sell on your call, only ask questions, qualify, and prescribe a solution.

Examples of homework:

Links to worksheets or documents in your program

Links to case studies in your business, either work you've done, or work you've done with clients.

Links to podcast interviews or other social proof such as your articles page on linkedin, a feature article about you on someone else's site, and so on

Step 3: Watch These Videos Before Our Call

Videos that give applicants an idea of what you do:


An introductory video
A video of you teaching
An excerpt from your program
an interview where you've been interviewed
A how to video

Video #1

Video #2

Video #1

Video #2

Video #1

Video #2

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