Get It Done Program

Unfocussed and Overwhelmed by Everything you have to do and know before you can even sell in your business!

You start on a project and there always seems to be a missing part before you can sell your service or product.

You create a product but no one seems to want it enough to buy it? They congratulate your skill on social media but they don't buy?

So you look at another Software or product and get caught up in learning new and bright shiny objects that promise you success.

The next thing you know it is six months later and you haven't even got anything ready to sell because you went off in many directions.

I know your pain!

I've been there following the next best thing.

About 2 years ago, I realized that implementation is key to success on the internet. Following through on going from where you are now to where you want to be step by step without distractions or watching the "next greatest thing."

I developed this Implementation Program to Get it Done quicker. How? With templates, checklists and accountability you can be selling sooner than if you tried to do it on your own!


In this Club, Sales and Selling is Priority #1.

Pretty Graphics and fancy videos are after the sale.

We get to know how to quickly put up a Sales button.

We learn how Paypal and Stripe and our shopping cart are our best friends not social media.

We map out the sales flowchart first.

We go from End Goal - the Sale- backwards to fill in all the parts.

We use templates and checklists to get the sales moving quicker.

With Technical Training videos to learn "how-to" inside the membership on any and all software, it takes less time to get the software working for us!

Best of all, there is accountability from me and my team each week to see how you are progressing.

Are you stuck on one item then we can help you unstick and get the flow of implementation again.

Being accountability each week to a coach or your partner in the program you can get the help you need if something doesn't seem to be working.

Through templates, checklists, training videos and accountability, we get you moving quicker and growing your business.

We are all about the Sale.

You don't have a business if you don't have a sale.

So let's get you closer to make that sale with GET IT DONE Program!


Let’s get you Implementing and Selling!




you are!




for you to Get There!





Want to be!


EACH MONTH there is :

Topic of the Month

There is a  Topic of the Month which includes:

  • Live training plus Question and Answers.

  • Followup by Email with any  questions and

  • Accountability follow-up by Team to see how you are progressing and  any help you need to get it done by the end of the month!

  • So, for example, Woot! Let's Make a Sales Page ready to sell in four weeks!

Once you do it once, it gets faster and only when  you do it do you remember for next time.

So, Implement implement!

As well, there will be recorded video training to expand on the topic that you can access anytime to get you Implementing even faster!


Whatever is the Topic of the Month doesn't stop your other action steps as there is Resource Library available for you to learn on your own time.

List Building
Social Media
Affiliate Marketing

Webinar Selling
Kindle Publishing
Affiliate RecruitmentGoal Setting
Sales Page Funnel

Publicity and press releases
Customer service and retention
Branding and Monetization
Podcast Interviews

Facebook AdsOutsourcing
Online Summit
Email Marketing

Video Marketing Results
Info Product Creation
Membership SiteCopywriting
Client Acquisition

Facebook Messenger Bots
Business Budget and Financial Management
Content Creation
Marketing and Promotion

So, Let's Implement and Get it Done!

Group Question and Answer Webinar with Training


Unlimited Email Access

Accountability Progress

Hand-Holding included!

Even Done For You if needed!


Unlimited access to The Business of At Home Business Membership!


HomeBusinessStartup Toolkit


Training and use of Webinar Software

BIG BONUS -GET IN FRONT OF CAMERA Training to become the STAR you are!

Monthly Trainings, Unlimited Access and Video Trainings on hand with email questions and answers ... How much could it be!   It is only